One man came in to the law firm where I worked then and told us his shock when a locally famous defense attorney told the judge "guilty, your honor." The client's head spun around. That attorney told him "You can't win against a DWI charge." No, not if you don't try. Our team has beat many DWI's. Don't let your future be decided by a poorly-operating machine used improperly.

Here is a sobriety test.  See if you can pass:

Which is worse: Is it worse to pay an estimated $20,000 in higher costs, higher insurance, and fees over your lifetime if you are found guilty of Driving While Intoxicated, or to pay $2,500 to be found not guilty?

My old law school buddy charges as much as $7,500 to defend against DWI charges.

But I am concerned about the people who go in without a lawyer "on the cheap" -- which ends up being the most expensive approach. The long-term cost of having a DWI on your record and insurance policy can be 10 to 20 times more than what it will cost you to be defended by a capable attorney.

The crime of "Driving While Intoxicated" or "Driving Under the Influence" is reportedly the most frequently-charged crime in America. DWI's or DUI's are extremely serious matters. Surprisingly, however, this crime is also much easier to defend against than most people think. It is a lot of work. It takes a lot of skill. It is expensive. But while many attorneys do not believe they can win against a DUI / DWI criminal charge, there are actually technical reasons why it is easier to defeat a DUI or DWI charge than many other criminal charges.

Do you want to face a DWI / DUI charge without the help of "The DWI Guy" -- the best criminal defense consultant I've ever heard of? This criminal defense consultant was well-known in Northern Virginia for defeating DWI / DUI charges when we worked together in a Loudoun County law firm. Now, we are teamed up again to provide you the best defense possible.

A car is a powerful machine that must be operated with care. We all understand that the dangers of a car accident can be serious. Obviously, we know that driving a large, powerful machine requires a clear head and attentive care. People are killed from alcohol-related accidents and no one should drive if they cannot carefully control their vehicle.

However, because the laws have been made so strict, many people are swept up and charged with DUI's or DWI's who are not actually drunk. Machines are not always reliable. The tests used are not always reliable. The standards for blood alcohol have been set so low that people can easily be falsely accused of being drunk when they are not.

For many DWI charges, the prosecution depends upon the information from some kind of machine -- such as a breathalyzer. However, these machines are far from perfect. Sometimes they work correctly. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are used properly. Sometimes they are not. Anyone who has used any type of machinery or computer has experienced that they don't always work the way you want them to. Machines and devices are not always easy to use. And sometimes they produce improper results even when you do not notice any reason for that to happen.

However, the information provided by such machines may be the only or the primary evidence against you in a criminal trial. Perhaps you are being accused by a machine!

Moreover, a conviction for driving while intoxicated (or driving under the influence) can also have a devastating effect on one's life. We hope all our clients will always be careful in their driving in the future. But a DWI conviction can also ruin one's career and their life in many ways. No matter how you may feel about what happened, you should act carefully and swiftly to manage the legal situation and legal consequences.

It is actually fairly challenging for a prosecutor to convict you of a DWI (or DUI), but most people are easily convicted because they give up too easily or are not properly defended. Most people do not know how to defend against a DWI / DUI charge.

Machines cannot always accurately report whether you are unable to properly operate an automobile. Machines have to be used properly. Obviously machines do not think by themselves and cannot make judgments or decisions.

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